WorldWide Militaria - Who Are We?

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Over 100 Years of Medals & Militaria Experience

Worldwide Militaria LLC, deals in Military Medals, Militaria, Flags, and display cases. We are a small company with a dedicated staff and, under the leadership of company president, Jeff Stone, we bring together over 100 years of experience in the field of Medals and Militaria. We sell and stock items of military interest from around the world but have particular interest in World Orders, Decorations and Medals, British, French and US Militaria.

If you are not familiar with the Militaria collecting field let me take a few minutes to explain what it is we do. It is a fascinating hobby of collecting artifacts such as medals, patches, insignia (badges and wings), helmets, hats, swords, uniforms, and many other items. People have been collecting these items since the start of warfare.

From History Channel to Militaria

Recently, with the growing interest in military history (one only has to look at the popularity of the History Channel) there has been a lot more information publish on the artifacts of wars which in turn has made the items themselves very popular. The nice thing about collecting Medals and Militaria is that it is something that any age group or any budget can collect.

What's Your 'Era'?

While there are items that sell for $100,000.00+ there are also items that sell for as little as $1.00. We tend to sell items that range from the Napoleonic Era all the way up to Kosovo and everywhere in-between. From the historical prospective you can collect from almost any era if say you were interested in WWI, WWII, Vietnam, Civil War, Zulu Wars, Crimea, French Revolution or anything else there is an item out there for you.

Holding History in Your Hand..

As someone once said to me “We are the caretakers of military history. We hold the relics for a while and then pass them on to another to continue the process” this is very true and also while caring for these items we get a lot of enjoyment out of looking at and studying them. The research that you can do on the items that you find is another area that people find fascinating. If for example you pick up a British Medal most of the time it will have the name, serial number, and regiment that he served in. This information can lead you to further research with the Public Records Office in London where you could find out a lot more information about him and his life sometimes even photographs and information about where he is buried. It really gives you the feeling of holding that mans history in your hand.

Fun, Interesting.. and a Great Investment

This is just one example of what you can do; it is a very interesting hobby. One other interesting note that most collectors would tell you is not important (until they sell their collection), these items have appreciated on average 15 to 20% per year over the last twenty years, which makes them a better investment than the Stock Market. I have seen items that sold for $200.00 ten years ago sell for $1500.00 today. All in all it is a very rewarding hobby that can give many hours of enjoyment.

Service & Satisfaction Guarantee

While no one is infallible we give a satisfaction guarantee on all items we sell. Being a small company we can offer a personal service - when you call us you will talk to a person. We do, however, resort to an answering machine after office hours and will return your call promptly the next business day.

Thanks for your interest in WWM!
Jeff Stone, President & CEO WorldWide Militaria, LLC