U.S. Air Force Battle Streamers

Worldwide Militaria Exchange is one of the few suppliers that offers official U.S. Department of Defense authorized battle streamers. These streamers are issued to the Army & Air Force and include engagement or battle name. Navy and Marine Corps battle streamers are available on special order.

Our battle streamers are made to high standards and specifications by the official manufacturer to the U.S. Government.

Streamers are 2.75" wide x 4 feet long or 3 feet long(regimental streamers) with a brass gromet at the top, cut and sown tails at the bottom. They are embroidered with the battle or engagement on the authorized campaign ribbon for that action.

Additional streamers ie; Unit Citations foreign decorations are available. Call for Pricing.

NOW! You can create your own custom streamer with names, dates, etc on the ribbon of your choice. CALL FOR PRICING.

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