Air Medal

Air Medal

Air Medal



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  • Full Size Medal
  • Miniature (does not include slide bar mount)
  • Ribbon Bar (does not include slide bar mount)
  • Lapel Pin
  • Case Set (includes: Ribbon Bar, Lapel Pin, and the 4" x 7" U.S. Issue Decoration Box

Authorized on 11 May 1942 to all members of the United States Armed Forces, for meritorious service while engaged in military operations involving aerial flight. single acts of achievement while participating in aerial flight by heroism.

Bronze numerals denotes multiple awards and a bronze "V" device for valor (Army)

Bronze and silver oak leaf clusters denotes multiple awards (Air Force)

Silver and gold stars denote multiple awards until 22 November 1989, bronze "V" device and gold numerals. (Navy, Marine Corps, Coast Guard)

Regulation full size, current strike medal with pin back broach from the manufacturer that supplies the U.S. Government.